Qwiksellers: Nigeria’s premier e-commerce platform for indigenous brands.

At Qwikshops, we are convinced that the internet as a major marketplace can be fully optimized to create value for businesses and customers in Nigeria.

As Nigeria’s premier e-commerce platform for indigenous brands, our goal is to enable indigenous businesses offer their products, at the best prices, conveniently and in a customer-friendly manner to a wide reach of customers. For better information top mobile casino.

Register as a seller on Qwikshops and increase your product reach. This is a great way to grow your customer base as your products would be promoted to a wide audience of buyers in Nigeria.


We charge a flat rate of 30% for every sale made on our platform.

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Benefits of Selling on Qwikshops


Qwikshops would promote your products to a wide reach of customers


We take the stress off you and ensure your products are delivered


Have your products easily accessible to a wider customer base


There is no limit to the number of products you can list.
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